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There’s a line I keep reading on zero-waste blogs, and it’s something like ‘do what your grandparents did’. It is so true! The solution to so many of the problems we’ve made for ourselves are to be found by looking backwards, not forwards.

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The solution here is so obvious, isn’t it. But at some point, soap just fell out of favour. I think this was at least partly due to how it made your skin feel - itchy and dry.

But, there are SO many ‘solid cleansing bars’ around now that are super-moisturising and lovely to use.

A few that I particularly like - Soapdaze / Conchus / Friendly / Wild Sage & Co / Lush

I think it’s worth getting one of these Hydrophil sisal soap bags too. It works like a loofah and soap dispenser in one and keeps the soap off the side of the bath. Collect all your soap scraps inside to reduce waste.



If you don’t fancy soap, or have bubble-bath loving children (me), see if you can find somewhere to refill your bottles.

We like the Faith in Nature body-wash, which you can find at refill stations here.

Or, do what we do and buy five litre bulk sizes, and have your own little bottle filling shop at home. It’s a bit of an upfront investment, but works out a long term money (and plastic) saver.



Similar to where I’ve landed on facial moisturisers, it’s all about the plant oils for me now.

What works, will, of course, depend on your skin type. I’m no expert, so here’s a good guide to different oils/butters and how to use them. Typically these are easy to find in health-food shops.

There are lots of pre-made things to try too. Everything by Evolve is lovely. Same goes for Wild Sage & Co. And clever old-Lush have naked body moisturisers (of course they do!)


bath bombs

I promise I’m not getting any kick-back from Lush (or anyone for that matter). But, again, it’s Lush who get the shout-out here.

A gift box of Lush bath-bombs has become my go-to birthday present for my girls to give their friends. And we love them in our bathroom too.

You can easily and cheaply make them from easy-to-find, non-plastic-y ingredients. We use this recipe by Wellness Mama. Silicone ice-cube trays make okay moulds, but if you turn pro, you probably need something like these.


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