Roll-ons aren’t typically recyclable because the plastic ball is too tricky to process. And aerosols are still a big no-no, even after CFS’s were banned years ago. They still emit nasties that are bad for health and contribute to global warming. But there ARE easy-to-get, natural, plastic-free alternatives. You just need to know where to look.


Earth Conscious

I’m do my best to support small brands wherever I can these days. And especially small brands who are doing big things for the environment.

Earth Conscious are just that.

The rub-in-with-your-fingers product is a mixture of coconut oil, sodium bicarbonate, shea butter and essential oils. These ingredients are proven to prevent bacterial growth, and thus prevent pong. But it’s not an antiperspirant - it’s not designed to keep you dry - and a lot of health-care professionals would say that’s a good thing.

It comes in a totally plastic free tin, and, if you’re not into the whole rub-it-in-thing, it’s also available in a cardboard push-up tube.

Natural, vegan, cruelty-free, smells nice. Oh, and it works!


The Natural Deodorant Company

This is another totally natural rub-on deodorant, this time from the Natural Deodorant Company.

It’s the only natural deodorant available in a range of strengths and scents. Vegan friendly, and free from palm oil (hurray!). The standard sized glass pots are totally plastic free. The handy travel sized minis do still have plastic lids, but these are being phased out soon. Save the lids and drop them off at Lush, who recycle all bottle tops as part of their closed-loop recycling.

The only off-putter might be the price - over a tenner for a deodorant might feel like a stretch.



In a moment of total ditz, I couldn’t work out why these were called ‘no bo bars’.

Brain now in gear, I can tell you that these are solid deodorant bars, that will stop you from getting smelly. I’m a genius, I know.

The bars are part of a range of body & hair products from Primal Suds. These guys make affordable products out of only natural, sustainable ingredients, and are committed to a zero-plastic promise.



Not the most photogenic offering, but when you commit to making naked products, you have no fancy packaging to hide behind. I think this is something we all should embrace.

Lush are leading the way - you’ll find naked everything there (even the staff, if you’re lucky).

There are about five deodorant bars to chose from - this is is the Sunflower and it smells lovely.


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