If I didn’t have other mouths to feed, I’d happily exist on toast and granola bowls. Cereal isn’t easy to get plastic-free. But it’s not impossible - as long as you’re willing to look outside the supermarket cereal aisle.


GRANOLA & Muesli

Troo Granola comes in compostable packaging, something I’ve not seen before for cereal. There are three varieties, all of which are much lower in sugar than standard granola, which may be a bonus for some. Order direct, from Milk and More, Ocado or Waitrose.

BUT, granola is also dead easy to make, and can be thrown together using ingredients that are easy to find loose in bulk shops. Everyone has their own way of making it - but here’s a pretty good base if you want to give it a go.

Muesli lovers, Pimhill Organic do one in paper packaging. Again, get it as part of a Milk and More order. Also, easy to find in local bulk stores, or online from Zero Waste Club.


normal CEREAL

As a mama of kiddos who basically just want Cheerios, I wanted to find alternatives that they would actually eat, that are not in dodgy packaging, or made by Nestlé.

It’s not been easy. Even my fabulous local bulk store has limited options.

Plastic Free Pantry has the best selection of cereals I’ve found and will post to anywhere in the UK. We’ve got quinoa puff and cornflakes, but the cornflakes win every morning.

Lastly, not that my picky pair will eat it, but Weetabix is an easy-to-find plastic-free option.



Oats are an easy one.

Look out for Flahavan’s, which are easy to find in all the big supermarkets.

Or, Pimhill Organic, sold in compostable paper bags, are a good choice and can be left of your doorstep with your Milk and More order. They also do muesli in the same paper bags, which isn’t something I’ve found elsewhere.

Or, finally, anywhere that sells un-packaged bulk things will definitely have oats - even toasted one’s, if you’re lucky. If you don’t have somewhere close, order from the Plastic Free Pantry.


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